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Some Phrasal Verbs with GET

Phrasal Verbs with Get
1. get out- leave or move. 
I don't want you here. Get out of my way!

2. get over (something)- stop thinking about something. 
I can't get over how hard that test was.

3. get away with (something)- do something wrong without punishment. 
The bank robbers got away with robbing the bank. The police never found them.

4. get on with (something)- continue with something. 
Listen everyone, it's time to stop talking and get on with our class.

5. get around- way to go places. 
I get around by bicycle, but my brother gets around on foot.

6. get around to (something)- finally do something. 
I finally got around to doing my homework. I didn't do it for several days.

7. get along with- be friendly with. 
My neighbor and I get along very well. We talk everyday.

8. get by- have enough to survive. 
I have enough money to get by until next week.

9. get down to- become serious about. 
Dinner is finished and now it's time to get down to business.

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